Shepherd of Peace Church

Rev. Ben Perkins * Sgt Bluff, IA * 712-943-4502

Shepherd of Peace Youth Group Craft Fair

Saturday March 9, 2019

Bluffs Area Family Center
903 Topaz Drive (Hwy75Big Blue Bldg next to Dairy Queen)
Sergeant Bluff, Iowa * 9:00am to 2:30pm

Each exhibitor is responsible for their own money, items, and taxes. 
***We have limited wall spots available- so table reservations will be done on a first come basis, meaning that as we receive the registrations the spots will be plugged in.

Rental Information:

  • Wall Table Fee - $45.00 for 1 table/or space, $65.00 for 2 tables/or spaces
  • Regular Table Fee - $40.00 for 1 table/or space; $60.00 for 2 tables/or spaces

We will be limiting reservations to 2 Tables/Spaces due to the growing interest in our show. We want to keep all our crafters and vendors in the same "Big Area", rather than having to branch out into other rooms. We do not feel this is in the best interest for our crafters and vendors.  We do understand the possibility that you may need for a third table, but with the growing interest in our show – we can only offer a third table at the same cost of the first table, which is $45 for a wall or $40 for regular.  We hope that you understand.

Our Youth Group will be selling the following:

      Breakfast:   Coffee, Juice, Breakfast Pizza and Rolls
      Lunch:        Taverns, Hot Dogs, Coney Dogs, Chips, Pop, and Baked Goods.

           * As this is provided as a fundraiser for our youth group, we ask that
             no baked items other than what we are selling be brought in for sale, Thank you!

* For this show, we no longer have access to carts, so please plan accordingly. 
* Payment is required with your registration.
* Please be sure to mail your payment in ample time to meet this deadline.
* Remember wall spots are on a FIRST RECEIVED registration basis. This allows us ample time to map the tables and spaces and fill any open spots. Thank you for your assistance with this.
* Setup time is 5 PM - 8 PM on Friday March 8th or AFTER 6:30 AM on Saturday March 9th.
* We ask that all crafters / vendors be set up NO LATER than 8:45 AM on Saturday Nov 10 so that we are all ready to go when our doors open at 9:00 AM.
* We also ask that once you are set up that you park your vehicles/trailers in the far parking lot (behind the Farmers Market area) that is partially gravel and partially blacktopped so that  we have ample parking spots available for the customers.


Full Name: 
Email Address: 



State:    Zip Code:



# Spaces with Table: 

# Spaces without Table: 

Wall Space Requested (yes or no):    Yes No    **space limited to first come**
Electric Required (yes or no):   Yes No

Type of crafts (be specific):
(This is used to avoid placing duplicate crafts/products next to each other)

Please send your check payable to: Shepherd of Peace Youth Group and place it in an envelope and mail it to the following:

c/o  Twyla Lindsey
P.O. Box 814
Sergeant Bluff, IA 51054
Phone:  712-943-6592   or   Cell:  712-253-7089

If you know of another vendor that may be interested in participating
in our event, please have them send an e-mail to
and  and provide their name and what type
of items they would be marketing, again, so that we can avoid duplication.

They can also contact Twyla Lindsey at 712-253-7089