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High School Curriculum for 2018-19
This year, our High School Group expressed interest in more of a young adult Bible Study. 
As such. we've landed on an interactive media where we will "listen" to books of the Bible
together on Sunday Mornings with discussion between each book and a few videos
thrown in between chapters and books.  We are using as our resource,
with everyone encouraged to download on their own device of choice. Below is our tentative
Below is our schedule for readings for this year for student reference:


Week-1 Sun, 9/30/18 Genesis 1-3 Genesis 4-6 DONE
Week-2 Sun, 10/7/18 Genesis 7-10 Genesis 11-12 DONE
Week-3 Sun, 10/14/18 Genesis 13-16 Genesis 17-18  
Week-4 Sun, 10/21/18 Genesis 19-21 * Genesis 22-24 * w/ Apologetix Video(s)
Week-5 Sun, 10/28/18 Genesis 25-28 Genesis 29-31  
Week-6 Sun, 11/4/18 Genesis 29-31
Week-7 Sun, 11/11/18 Genesis 32-34    
Week-8 Sun, 11/18/18 Genesis 35-38 * Genesis 39-43 * w/ Apologetix Video(s)
Week-9 Sun, 11/25/18 Genesis 44-… Finish Genesis  
Week-10 Sun, 12/2/18 Program Rehearsal Numbers 22  
Week-11 Sun, 12/9/18 Program Rehearsal    
Week-12 Sun, 12/16/18 CHRISTMAS PROGRAM!    
Week-13 Sun, 12/23/18 CHRISTMAS BREAK NO GROUP  
Week-14 Sun, 12/30/18 NEW YEARS BREAK NO GROUP  
Week-15 Sun, 1/6/19 GROUP DISCUSSION

Week-16 Sun, 1/13/19 Matthew 1-4 Matthew 5-8  
Week-17 Sun, 1/20/19 Matthew 9-11 * Matthew 12-14 * w/ Apologetix Video(s)
Week-18 Sun, 1/27/19 Matthew 15-18  Matthew 19-21  
Week-19 Sun, 2/3/19 Matthew 22-24 * NONE * w/ Apologetix Video(s)
Week-20 Sun, 2/10/19 Matthew  25-28 * NONE * w/ Apologetix Video(s)
Week-21 Sun, 2/17/19 Mark 1-4 Mark 5-8  
Week-22 Sun, 2/24/19 Mark 9-12 * Mark 13-16 * w/ Apologetix Video(s)
Week-23 Sun, 3/3/19 Luke 1-4 Luke 5-8  
Week-24 Sun, 3/10/19 Luke 9-11 * Luke 12-15  
Week-25 Sun, 3/17/19 Luke 16-20 Luke 21-24 * w/ Apologetix Video(s)
Week-26 Sun, 3/24/19 John 1-3 * John 4-7  
Week-27 Sun, 3/31/19 John 8-11 John 12-15  
Week-28 Sun, 4/7/19 John 16-18 * John 19-21 * w/ Apologetix Video(s)
Week-29 Sun, 4/14/19 GROUP DISCUSSION    
Week-30 Sun, 4/21/19 EASTER SUNDAY NO GROUP  
Week-31 Sun, 4/28/19 Phillippians 1-4 * NONE * w/ Apologetix Video(s)
Revelation may have to wait until 2020 or on your own    

Below are misc resources for SOP Education Board & Teacher Use:

Elementary School: (especially under teacher guides)-this website is a wealth of information and activities -tons of good info, printables, and more -coloring pages -synopsis with scripture reference, interesting points/lessons, questions for reflection, more of an adult oriented site, but great for reference, devotion and study as you prepare -filled with bible lessons, crafts, games, and more -just what it says, images of Christ and various Bible stories -ehow is a massive information site, so typing your particular lesson into the search bar or searching sunday school lessons will be your best bet for finding more specific information -this is a church website with lots of activity and coloring pages -has a kids section with printables and activity ideas -a resource for Preschool ages -lots of activities and craft ideas -lots of good resources including lessons, crafts, and activities -a homeschool resource, type your bible lesson into the search engine to see what comes up, this is now more of a sales site, but they do have good info you can search for, also Dianne noted that this has neat interactive videos we may want to look into purchasing -this site is under construction, but info can be found in the categories listed on the right side of the page has bible lesson info, activities, and more -games, crafts, lessons, skits, and devotions -christian music resource -tons of resources for lessons, activities, crafts, and more -another informtion/link clearinghouse, type in your lesson in the search line -lesson plans & printable activities


Junior High:

High School: -this is an online message board for those studying the Bible, with discussions on various topics-a high school resource -a blog/online journal discussing various Bible stories and exploring faith-high school resource