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"Mission Field"

Below is a list of the various missions and special efforts supported by the
members of Shepherd of Peace Lutheran Church here in Sergeant Bluff, Iowa

    • Sue Richards Olson Eye Care Project - El Salvador
    • Council on Sexual Assault & Domestic Violence (CSADV)
    • Stephen Ministry establishment at Shepherd of Peace
    • McAvoy Family Ministry Missions in Mexico & Germany
    • Blankets & School Supplies for Missions Areas in Mexico
    • Meals on Wheels - Volunteers
    • Little Lambs Preschool - Childhood Christian Education
    • Camp High Hope - SOP Youth Charity
    • Sergeant Bluff Girl Scouts
    • And many more!

If you are involved with a new mission here at Shepherd of Peace Church
or are aware of SOP mission work not listed above, 
please submit the mission information
in the form below 
and click "Send Form" button at the bottom:

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