For 2020, our reading plan this year will be using a new format.
The plan is based on the Seven Pillars Of Wisdom found in Proverbs 8.
They will follow the seven-day week as usual. This is how it looks:

  • SUNDAYS we will read through the New Testament letters to the Church. We'll begin with Romans and work forward. We will find PRUDENCE in the reasons for our teachings and their application.
  • MONDAYS will seem more normal for January. We'll begin in Genesis and spend the year working through the KNOWLEDGE & DISCRETION in the Pentateuch, the writings of Moses.
  • TUESDAYS we will explore the FEAR OF THE LORD as told through the eyes of the post-Exodus nation of Israel. We will read the story of God's firstborn son as he enters Canaan, the land promised to Abraham over 400 years hence. We will see him conquer and be conquered. We will watch his exile and his return.
  • WEDNESDAYS will be our day for the Psalms. The songbook of God's people will grace our Humpday with WISE COUNSEL for our encouragement all year long.
  • THURSDAYS we'll build on this counsel in the other Writings from the Old Testament. From Job to Proverbs and the other books of king Solomon we will remember lives lived long ago and find SOUND JUDGMENT from God's pen.
  • FRIDAYS will give INSIGHT AND UNDERSTANDING based on the great literary works of the prophets. Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, and Daniel will consume much of the year and we'll finish with the 12 latter prophets.
  • SATURDAYS we'll be reading through the Gospels and the Acts as our Lord reveals His STRENGTH and comes in POWER. We've been through the rest; Saturdays are for the best!

This is a very flexible schedule. Each day represents a different journey.
Pick the ones that work for you.  God bless you as we take on this task
together again in 2020!  -
Pastor Ben

Weekly Readings 2020

Week-01 Week-14 Week-27 Week-40
Week-02 Week-15 Week-28 Week-41
Week-03 Week-16 Week-29 Week-42
Week-04 Week-17 Week-30 Week-43
Week-05 Week-18 Week-31 Week-44
Week-06 Week-19 Week-32 Week-45
Week-07 Week-20 Week-33 Week-46
Week-08 Week-21 Week-34 Week-47
Week-09 Week-22 Week-35 Week-48
Week-10 Week-23 Week-36 Week-49
Week-11 Week-24 Week-37 Week-50
Week-12 Week-25 Week-38 Week-51
Week-13 Week-26 Week-39 Week-52


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